Canavieiras and the Royal Charlotte Bank

Canavieiras, a small port town built in the late 19th century, is located in the center of the Brazilian coast, on the shores of the State of Bahia, two miles from the mouth of the Pardo River.
BAHIASPORTFISHINGs boats operate out of Canavieiras, at a distance of 18 miles this is the closest port to the Royal Charlotte Bank. The Royal Charlotte Bank is an extension of the continental shelf that rises over 2,000 meters. It forms a buffer to the underwater ocean currents and changes the water temperature and benefiting the local wildlife. This attracks the large predatory fish, including the blue marlin.

Bahia Sportfishing's Office

The BAHIASPORTFISHINGs office is located in Canavieiras, right next to our guest house. The office is equipped with computers, wi-fi internet access, TV, telephone, and all support and infrastructure necessary to provide comfort for the fisherman and their families.

Guest House

BAHIASPORTFISHINGs guest house is conveniently located near to the docks and some of the best restaurants in town. The guest house is divided into private lofts each with all the comforts of home. Amenities include complete room service, air conditioning, living room, American style kitchen, balcony, barbeque, and all the attention needed to make the fishermen and their families feel comfortable. Breakfast is served daily on the main floor. The scenic view from the guest house overlooks the river, the mangroove, and the natural surroundings, offering a beatiful bonus to the fishermen and their families.

Please consult us by phone or e-mail !;
Pick up Ilheus to Canavieiras - return US$ 250 total cost for up 4 person;


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