Blue Marlin

Specially from October and April next year, schools of BLUE MARLIN - Makaira nigricans approach the north side of the Royal Charlotte Bank following the TUNA and MAHI MAHI. Trolling with artificial marlin lures is the technique used to catch big blues in this area. The lures are trolled at surface, combined with teasers to attract the fish close to the boat. Outriggers are used to keep the lines separated.
Marlin fishing normally begins 20 miles out from shore - one hour by boat, following the underwater slopes of the Royal Charlotte Bank, moving to a maximum of 40 miles from shore. The fish sometimes are found 15 miles or closer.
Our Captains expertise combined with previous GPS records makes the difference in locating the big fish.
During the annual fishing season we catch and release about 50 blues on some 150 hooked. It is common to see 3 to 5 fish in a day.
The standard tackle are in 130 lbs class, adequate to take on fish that can weigh more than 1,000 pounds.
Seated on the marlin chair and with all the crew support, the angler will fight the fish to catch and release his trophy. The average marlin fight lasts about one hour; they are released to grow larger for future anglers to enjoy. Each fish is tagged and the record is sent to the Billfish Foundation in the United States.
Besides BLUE MARLIN, other game fish like SAILFISH, WAHOO, TUNA, MAHI MAHI, and even MAKO SHARK sometimes attacks the lures. During the troll, a light lure are used in the spread to catch small TUNAS for live bait, for lure short bitters.


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