Casting Artificial Lures

When the predatory fish are feeding close to the surface, generally around submersed rocks and other known waypoints, we can try casting some big poppers. This is a fun type of fishing that provides the possibility of amazing attacks on the water surface and the chance of hooking some good fish as well.
The heavy casting fishing rods and reels are provided to the angler at the boats, as well the poppers and other appropriate lures.
GOLDEN TREVALLY, JACK CREVALLE, AFRICAN POMPANO, DORADO-MAHI MAHI, BARRACUDA, TUNAS, SAILFISH and WAHOO are some of the species that can be caugh using this technique. The fish can weigh over 35 pouns.

Speed Jigging

This fishing technique is done with jumping jigs. The jigs are artificial lures used for fishing deeper water. They are lead made and are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Using a depth finder, schools of fish are plotted and their depht is determined, the jig is lowered until it reaches the correct depth. By observing the electric reel monitor indicative or the spool line level, the angler can lower the lure to the correct depth. The jig work should start 10 to 15 meters below the fish. It is then brought up quickly to about 20 meters above the school of fish. As the lure ascendes, the angler should point up and down the rod tip, and move from side to side, causing the jig to dance by the fish stimulating an immediate attack.
The main species caught using the speed jigging are GREAT AMBERJACK (it sometimes weighs more than 100 pounds), GROUPER, BLACK FIN TUNA, YELLOW FIN TUNA, KING MACKEREL, WAHOO, BARRACUDA, JACK CREVALLE, AFRICAN POMPANO, GOLDEN TREVALLY, LESSER AMBERJACK, and many other fish that are feeding deeper in the ocean.


In this technique the boat is kept at the average speed of 5 to 8 knots, while trolling medium and deep water action lures, in a variety of colors and models. Medium light tackle are often used to increase the excitement and the sport of fishing. Trolling is very productive: all the predatory fish that live in the area tend to be caught using this, specially WAHOO, KING MACKEREL, DORADO-MAHI MAHI, TUNAS, etc

Fishing with Live Bait

With the engines always turned on, the boat is kept above a school of fish and submersed structures. The live bait is lowered using medium heavy tackle, for GREAT AMBERJACK, GROUPER, and other fish.



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